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Having a baby throws a lovely, joyful, massive wrench in your life so please bear with me as I slowly play catch up with blog posts of past shoots mixed in with newer work.  Today, a headshot session from several months ago with clarinestist Darla Cheung.

Darla, along with fellow student Evan Stevens,  won headshot photo sessions at UNCG’s School of Music Mu Phi Epsilon fundraising raffle.  Chatting quickly turned to bonding when I found out that Darla is soon to be a Music Masters Candidate at my alma mater, Arizona State University.  I immediately launched into an excited “You must go here!  You must try this!” verbal assault.  I think I had forgotten how much I miss Arizona and all of my friends there.  Darla, don’t forget, try Tricks Restaurant, spend lots of time on Mill Avenue, don’t be too shocked if I show up on your doorstep begging shelter for the night and tickets to a show at Gammage Auditorium.  Best of luck and congratulations on the next big step in your life.

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